Superior Engineering and Quality Control from Concept to Delivery

Reference Customers
WaterParks: WhitewaterWaveloch (reference letter), Acquatic Development Group (ADG) & API Waterworks

Wastewater Treatment: Ovivo

Environmental: Envitech

Lynx Grills 
Sheet Metal Fabrication
Assembled Briquette Trays with Briquettes, Smoker Boxes, Fire Boxes, Bar Grates, Warming Racks, Spit Rods, Towel Rings, Drip Pans, & Cutting Boards.

Office Chair components 

Ready Solar (Purchase & Sale to SunEdison 2010; Sourcing Contract 2011-present)
Die Cast/Extrusion/Testing/Assembly
Pre-fabricated Residential Solar Energy Systems


Laidlaw (Sourcing Contract 2008)

Fleetwood/Goldco/Wyard (custom order 2010)
Conveyor Solutions