Superior Engineering and Quality Control from Concept to Delivery

 Structural Steel Manufacturing Equipment

Electric Welding Machine BX1-315

Water Cutting Machine JJ-i WT-1530

Arc Welding Machine ZX5-400, BX1-400-2

Gas Welding Machine

Steel Plate Shearer Q12Y-12X3200

Steel Plate Shearer 6×2500 63T           

Bending Machine       60T                     

Bending Machine       WC67Y-16014000         

Drill Machine    Z3050×16   

Boring Machine         XT611

Shaping Machine       B690 

Planer Machine B650

Milling Machine

Lathe CW6163          C6140 X 1.5M       C6140 X 1MC6250A×1M        

 C6250A×1.5M      C6250A×2M

Slotting Machine 500×300          

Punching Machine

Sawing Machine GZ4028

Air compressor

Mantle Fiber SQ-100

Plasma Cutting KLG-120  KLG-80


Cutting knife

Paint Oast

Fork CPC30HB

Bridge Crane 2ton, 3ton, 5ton, 10ton